Nurture belonging in your workplace

Although modern workplaces are becoming more complex, diverse and remote, this doesn’t mean you can’t create a culture where everyone can belong.

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Our platform is designed as a searchable interface to connect you with practical tools and resources covering topics such as culture, religion, LGBTQI+, gender, age, Indigenous experience and disability. All information is extensively researched and crafted to help you engage and navigate diversity with confidence in a workplace setting.

Searchable online database

Our database enables you to find the answer to questions on a range of different topics, and includes access to world-class directories on religion and culture.

Onboarding and training

Build capability around diversity in the workplace through engaging and easy-to-understand short courses, featuring short films, animations and interviews with real stories from a diverse range of people.

Our content, your culture

Utilise our library of world class, carefully produced materials to create onboarding experiences and other pathways that meet the needs of your organisation’s people and culture.

Empower your people with knowledge

Incluude offers a comprehensive library of clear, reliable, research-based resources that are designed to support organisations and individuals building inclusive strategies for their business.

Improve team culture

Expert or novice, incluude is a platform for everyone. Get your whole team on board to influence a greater sense of inclusion and understanding.

Flexible delivery

Access to the incluude platform is available through a number of flexible plans and options that are scalable and cost-effective for people and businesses of all sizes and needs. Scale, embed and sustain inclusion across your business.

Choose to teach or learn

All our printable and online resources can be adapted as either teaching or learning materials, whether it’s at home, in the office or in the classroom.

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